Surrendering a Parrot

I would like to put my bird up for adoption via Cheeky Beaks Rescue – how does it work?

Our process

Cheeky Beaks Rescue’s rehoming procedure is described below. Each case is different and everyone’s circumstances are unique, so we always do our best to find the most comforting solution to all parties involved. In the majority of cases, we follow these steps:

Step 1:

The owners contact us and tell us their reason for wanting to rehome their bird. 

Step 2:

We then recommend possible training to control the issue (should this be possible or viable, depending on the reason for needing to rehome the bird). We offer both virtual and in person training at R150 and R200 an hour respectively. We also have a rehabilitation programme where they can be placed with a foster temporarily to try and redirect the undesired behaviours. Pricing of this depends on the specific case. 

Step 3:

If the owners decide that rehoming is the best option, we find a foster for the bird who has experience with the specific species or issue presented to work on correcting the behaviour. 

Step 4: 

Once the foster has had a chance to assess the bird’s personality and  start to work on things like diet conversion, we have the bird assessed by an avian vet.

Step 5:

We then start looking at applications and completing home checks. This helps us to create a list of the best candidates for a specific bird. 

Step 6:

Once all home checks are completed the top candidates get to meet the bird to see if the bird prefers one person over another

Step 7:

We then have the adopter sign an adoption agreement – or in the case of “difficult” birds, a foster-to-adopt agreement – before we send them to their permanent home.

Why do our parrots go to fosters first?

We often get asked why we place surrenders with a foster instead of adopting them out immediately and if it wouldn’t cause more stress by moving them around more than is necessary.


The reason we do this, is so that someone with experience can assess the bird and see if rehabilitation is required or if the bird is ready to go into a forever home off the bat. Sometimes previous owners aren’t completely upfront about the reason for surrendering a bird. (We have had plucked and disabled birds surrendered which was a total surprise upon seeing the bird because the owners were embarrassed to tell us). This also alleviates the stress of needing to adopt on a potential adopter if they didn’t get on well with the bird or couldn’t deal with the issues due to their environment or own flock.


By placing them with a foster we are able to assess, rehabilitate, convert their diet and at the very least start with some training. We also take every bird to an avian vet to ensure there are no underlying illnesses or issues and in the case of there being an issue we like to inform the potential adopters of this issue and the fact that they might be adopting a bird who needs ongoing medication or more regular vet visits. Placing them in foster care also makes them more accepting of different people, birds and spaces.


When someone adopts a bird from us and we are unsure if the match is something that will work long-term, we ask them to sign a foster-to-adopt agreement. This agreement is like a trial period of about 3 months to see if the addition would be made permanent or not. Through doing this we allow for failure should a bird not be the perfect match but we also give them the chance to settle into their environment, in order to be able to make a true assessment of their needs.

Surrendering a parrot - what do we need from you?

Rehoming a parrot through Cheeky Beaks Rescue – what you need to know:

We can offer some virtual consultations. We charge R150 per hour and have at least two team members sitting in. You fill in a questionnaire beforehand and then we use that information to guide you and see if we can identify the problem and give you advice about how to approach it. The funds go directly into our NPO account that is used to help more birds.

Other than that we offer a fostering and rehabilitation program where we take the bird into our system and place it with someone from our organization who works with the bird to overcome the issues. The bird remains yours and returns to you when everyone is happy. This is also a paid service that forms part of our fundraising initiative. Prices are determined based on the species and specific needs.

And then of course we also do rehome birds if this is best for you. 

If you choose to surrender, this is what you can expect:

Our team at Cheeky Beaks understands the emotional journey of rehoming a parrot and our main goal is to handle the situation with the utmost respect to the current owner. 

Our team will forward a document in which you sign over your parrot. We will use the information you provide in this document to choose the best home for your parrot while respecting your wishes. If you wish to have contact with the new owners or scheduled visits, we will do our best to accommodate this. We understand that these pets are family and that some owners want regular updates from the new families.

Not every rehoming case is posted on Facebook. If you are nervous about someone recognizing your parrot or feel uncomfortable by your situation, we will handle it discreetly. If you don’t want your identity revealed, meet the new owners, or even be there when we collect your feathered friend from you, we will make it our mission to accommodate this.

We want this process to be easy for the owners so that we have a chance to rehome as many parrots as possible. We do our best to meet the needs of every parrot and fulfill every owner’s wishes for them. We understand and respect each owner that makes this painful decision. We commend each owner that puts a parrot’s mental health and physical health first. 

What paperwork do I need to complete?

When you are ready to proceed, your rehoming coordinator will forward you two documents that we kindly request you complete and return signed copies to us.

1) The Parrot Information Document gives us some background info about your bird which will help us with the process to find an adoptive family when such a time arrives.

2) The Surrender Agreement basically just gives us the go-ahead to collect the bird from your premises and start looking for a new home, because the bird is then relinquished into our care. This also gives us the authority to access the bird’s veterinary records (if the bird has been to a vet before) and holds us responsible for the bird’s care until he/she is adopted by a new owner.

If you have any additional questions, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will do our best to answer them for you.

If you are considering returning a parrot to us that you have previously adopted, please read through this Blog post.

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