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Finding Parrots A Home

Our main focus is to take in surrendered parrots. We do not have the legal authority to confiscate any birds, so we rely on voluntary surrenders. We provide the needed medical care and rehabilitation via our extensive network of volunteers, fosters and team members with varying skill sets.

If the parrot is ready to join another family, they will be featured in our adoption listings. For more information on our surrendering process, please visit the FAQ page.

Families are chosen based on their knowledge and whether their setup is appropriate for the specific bird. We also work with various private and public sanctuaries to find the best possible environment for parrots that are not used to a home environment.

We also assist with placing stray parrots into foster care and networking these found birds on platforms such as our own social media and the ParrotAlert database to help locate their rightful owners. Stray parrots are never adoptable, no matter how long they remain unclaimed. We place them in long-term foster care scenarios and continue to actively network them until their owners are located. We want strays to be at home with their original families, no matter how long it takes. This is a duty we take very seriously.


By assisting with behavioural issues, owners are less likely to surrender their companion birds for re-homing. Parrots are exotic creatures and have very specific dietary and habitat needs. Our team publishes articles and infographics regularly and offer advice to the best of our abilities. We dedicate two days per week in our social media schedule to educational content.

 We also offer in-person and virtual consultation services as part of our fundraising initiative to assist with training parrots and help keep them with their families. Contact us for a price list.



The key to successful and sustainable animal welfare work is to both increase the number of animals moving out of rescue into permanent homes and, perhaps more importantly, reduce the number coming in.  We all know the statistic that pet birds are the third most popular pet but the most frequently surrendered.  What if we could turn this around by addressing the reasons birds are surrendered in the first place?  There are many ways to do this and one of the ways is through our Fostering and Rehabiliation Services. 

We request that clients interested in this service complete a questionnaire that we use to guide us in the rehabiliation process. We then assign the bird to a vetted foster/rehabilitator who then takes the bird into foster care for a minimum period of two weeks. These first two weeks are a trial period during which the bird’s behaviour is thoroughly assessed and changes to diet, routine and any other factors that could be contributing to the behavioural issues are slowly rectified. The rehabilitator provides feedback in the form of a written report at the end of this period and then we work with the owner and discuss whether it would be to the benefit of the parrot to extend the rehabilitation period or whether he/she is ready to return home.

During the rehabilitation, while the parrot is away from home, we work with the family to bring about any necessary changes in the bird’s original environment that could assist in preventing the bird from reverting to his previous (undesirable) behaviour.

We are also able to take very ill parrots into our care if their owners are unable to provide the necessary medical attention or have the necessary skillset to nurse them back to health. In all cases of fostering and rehabilitation, the client remains the legal owner of the parrot unless they decide otherwise.

For more information, please contact us or visit or FAQ page. 


Parrot Products and Merchandise

Our Nonprofit Organisation produces merchandise and pet products to fund our ongoing work.

We have a variety of items such as t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and non-medical face masks available. Items are produced on order. We have nationwide shipping options available to suit every customer.

Visit our Merchandise page to see our full catalogue. 


Our Supporters

Below is a variety of local businesses that support our organisation – anything from parrot accessories to garden services. Looking for a reliable company to support to get your old parrot cages refurbished? Or an artist to immortalise your furry/feathered family? Look no further. We’ve got you covered with excellent recommendations.

Parrot Travel & Logistics

Janze Groenewald (parrot travel crates): +27 73 481 3264
Renate Hausmann – Fleetfoot Travel (parrot & pet travel service): +27 83 443 0432

Animal Communication
Garden Services

J&M Tree Fellers (Cape Town & surrounds): +27 65 726 8007

Veterinary Services

Avian VETERINARIAN in Cape Town

We are official partners with Centre For Avian, Reptiles & Exotics in the Western Cape.



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