Ways to donate


Got SnapScan? Donate in the click of a button. Choose the amount you want to deposit directly into our account without having to open your banking app. Make a bird’s day.

P.S. You will need to have the app installed on your phone for this option to work.

SnapScan QR Code

You can also use the QR code above to donate effortlessly to our account. Every cent we get is put straight back into the birds’ health and well-being.

Donate via PayFast

Donate a custom amount at the click of a button. Type in the amount you wish to donate in the text box below and click on “Donate Now” to proceed.

How do we use your donations?

Cheeky Beaks is committed to using your donations responsibly and we are transparent about all of our expenses (as seen in the image above/left). Our financials are available to you upon inquiry. 

Cheeky Beaks Account:

FNB Business Account

Cheeky Beaks Parrot Rescue NPC

Branch Code: 250655

Account Number: 62839491850

Reference: Your name/Bird’s name/Donation

Proof of payment: 

Paypal: | @CheekyBeaks

CARE’s Account:

FNB Business Account

Centre for Avian, Reptiles & Exotics (Pty) Ltd

Branch Code: 200610

Account Number: 62799795706

Reference: 6947

Proof of payment:

Toy Donations

Often birds are surrendered to us with very few toys, unsafe toys, or none at all. We believe that enrichment is a vital part of proper parrot care and that teaching a bird to be comfortable and enjoy interacting with toys is part of the rehabilitation process. If you would like to make a toy donation, you can contact any of the small businesses mentioned in our “Local is Lekker” blog and ask them to chat with us regarding delivery.

Sponsor A Foster Parrot

As a non-profit organisation, we could do nothing if it wasn’t for every single one of our amazing supporters donating their time, money, knowledge and ingenuity.

After one of our awesome supporters, Sue Steyn, came up with an idea of setting up debit orders to create “R10 storms”, we’ve been thinking of how we could give our community something in return.

This birthed the idea of offering sponsorships to birds that are currently in our system. This way you can set up a monthly debit order of a minimum fee of R100 or gift the bird of your choice a bundle to the value of R300, which includes toys, pellets and perches. In return, you get a certificate stating that you’ve donated and an inside scoop on the bird’s rehabilitation through pictures, videos and just general updates. 

Have a look at our Adopt page for more information on sponsorable parrots.

Cage Donations

We appreciate any cage donation as we use these for our fosters. We also refurbish cages and sell them as a fundraising initiative. Please contact us if you would like to donate a cage and we can arrange for delivery/collection. 



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