Hi, Limpopo residents!

Here are some of the parrots in our system that are currently in foster care and seeking their new forever families. 

You can start by completing an adoption application (see buttons below). We try to avoid inter-provincial travel unless we really struggle to find a home in the original region, so this page is dedicated to applicants in Limpopo only.

Please kindly note that we are a volunteer-run organisation so it might take some time for us to get to your application, especially because we are currently trying to work through a backlog that has occurred as well. 

Want to know more about the permit requirements for Indian Ringneck Parakeets? Read our Blog post on the subject.

Birds available for adoption in Limpopo


Polokwane, Limpopo

Congo African Grey

Status: Adopted

Adoption adviser: Abi S.

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Spotlight on: Cuppie

Congo African Grey
📍Polokwane, Limpopo
Cuppie is a female Congo African Grey (she’s recently laid an egg to everyone’s surprise!) that hatched in February 2007. Her previous owner unfortunately passed away around two years ago. Since then, she had been living with family of her late dad on a game farm in Modimolle, but between running the lodge and all of life’s other commitments, her previous mom made the difficult decision to rather reach out to Cheeky Beaks Rescue to help find Cuppie a new family that is better suited to fulfilling all of her needs.
So far, she has shown a preference towards female-presenting carers, but is overall a very good-natured, easy-going little girl. She enjoys sitting on shoulders and is learning all about the wide variety of food that needs to make up a healthy parrot’s diet. She is used to living quite an independent lifestyle – in her previous home, she would be allowed to roam, i.e. come and go into and out of her cage as she pleased. She was socialised well, but still can be a little nippy around strangers. She is absolutely terrified of plastic outdoor furniture, especially chairs. Her favourite toys usually include parrot-safe open-ended bells, which she likes to wear as a hat.
If you would like to adopt this adorable African Grey, please complete an application form by clicking the links at the top of this page.
If you have applied in the past (there is no need to apply again) or would like more information, contact his adoption adviser, Klaas, on +27 64 507 3544 to review your application in light of this specific bird.