Hi, Future Owner!

If you would like to adopt one of the parrots listed below, please complete our online adoption application. You can find the links to the application forms in English and in Afrikaans on each of the provincial sub-listing pages.

Please remember that we generally only adopt birds out to families residing in the same province as the current foster parent. We require families who make our shortlist for adoption to meet the bird in question before any final decisions are made, so please take note of the areas in which the birds are available and only apply if this region is accessible to you.

We will contact you once we have a bird in foster care that our Adoption Department thinks might be match for your family. We might contact you within a few days or even a few months. We are not breeders, so unfortunately not every family who has applied has been able to adopt from us. If we don’t contact you immediately after you submit your application, it doesn’t mean you have been declined – it just means we have not necessarily been able to match you with the right bird yet. You don’t have to re-submit an application for any other future birds you might be interested in; once your information is on our system, it remains there and can be accessed by our team members at any time.

See our FAQ page or read our guide to the adoption process by clicking on the button below for more information.

What does the “status” of each bird refer to?

Not all the birds listed here are immediately available for adoption. Often when birds come into the care Cheeky Beaks Rescue, they are in need of medical treatment and rehabilitation that could take months before they are officially ready to join their new families.

Our dedicated network of team members and fosters across the country spend many hours working on helping them overcome their trauma and behavioural issues as much as possible, socialising them, converting them to a healthier diet and doing basic training with them so that they are able to be handled and can respond to certain commands, all of which will make their transition to their forever homes much more seamless. 

During this time (it can take anything from a few weeks to multiple months), you are given the opportunity to sponsor the parrot in question. You can either commit to a monetary donation (a debit order with a minimum monthly amount of R100 for the long-term foster and rehabilitation cases would be our recommendation), or you can gift them a hamper to the value of R300, which includes healthy formulated food, toys and perches from some of the awesome local small businesses we love to support. For the pluckers, one of our directors, Kimberlee, from New Leaf Collars, will add a custom made soft collar to the hamper. Read more on the Donate page.

Birds that are in foster-to-adopt care are not included in this list.

So, what does the “status” of a bird mean?
Available = Ready to be adopted.
Sponsorable = The parrot is in rehabilitation and not available for adoption yet, but we are taking applications and we would love for you to show your support by sponsoring him/her during this process.

Fosterable = We are looking for a very special kind of candidate to take over the fostering and rehabilitation of this specific bird. In certain cases, birds are moved to “halfway houses” once they are surrendered, or the surrendering party is able to temporarily keep the bird with them until we find the perfect foster home, especially if it is a bird that is in need of some potentially long-term behavioural training and rehabilitation. If you are experienced with the species in question and are willing to offer your services as a foster to Cheeky Beaks, please check out our FAQ for more information about what is required of you and submit an application (the link is at the bottom of this page). 

Reserved = One or two applicants have made the shortlist for the adoption of this specific bird and the adoption will be finalised after the final step or two, e.g. a pre-adoption vet check or a meet-and-greet session. We are no longer accepting applications for this parrot.

Check out our sub-menus!

All of our available parrots are listed according to their provinces. Browse through the different provinces by clicking on the sub-menus of this page. We generally do not encourage inter-provincial placements, but we do consider it in special cases where there is low interest in a specific parrot within his/her home region, or when there is low activiy in another region. Please note that we do not allow parrot species that require travel permits to move across provincial borders – this includes Indian Ringneck Parakeets and African Grey parrots.