Owning a pet is a privilege, not a right

By Danielle

Today we have a serious topic to talk about. We need to discuss how having an animal in your home, in your care, is a privilege and not a right.

It has always been our priority to find the best homes for our birds. But what is the “best home”?

It’s a home where the birds will get out of cage time. It’s a home where they will be fed a healthy diet that will not affect their body negatively. It is a home where the person can afford veterinary care. It is a home where the birds will have an appropriate-sized cage and toys. It is a home where the person will continuously do research into pet care as knowledge is always evolving and they always want to do right by their pet.

Cheeky Beaks would not be as respected as it is if we put birds into homes that cannot afford them just because “they have love to give” or “they are good people”.

We will not adopt our birds to homes where they will have small cages just because “they will be let out a lot”.

We also do not have to “hand over” just because someone has an empty aviary. Aviaries also have to be held to a high standard. They need to have adequate shelter without nesting boxes which promotes breeding. They also need to have a lot of foliage for the bird to engage with. And toys for them to destroy. Aviary birds also need the exact same healthy diet.
We have minimum standards which each adopter must meet.
It is these standards that make people trust our organization. It is these standards that people look to when they decide to surrender their beloved pet to us.
It is our job to find the BEST homes and we take pride in our job.

Please note that not even our own team members are exempt from this. We do regular cage inspections of our representatives as we must uphold the same standards we expect of others. Our photos are the ones that you see in our “cage inspiration” posts.

We do this FOR THE BIRDS.
The birds deserve the best.

We have to raise the standards of care in South Africa, as for far too long birds have been mistreated or owners have been uneducated.