What cookware is safe and how to find out
If you’re a bird owner, you’ve probably heard that some cookware (especially non-stick) is unsafe for your feathered children. However, not all non-stick cookware is unsafe.
It’s not nice knowing that the things you use to cook your food is actually hurting your birds, and it’s not fun shopping and not knowing what to choose. Here are some options and what to do to find out if you’re unsure.
Harmful chemicals to avoid:
– Teflon
These are chemicals you must avoid and some packaging doesn’t stipulate what the particular cookware is coated with. In a case like that, you should rather contact the company and ask them if it’s safe to use around pets, and to list the chemical coatings.
Those chemicals are harmful to your birds because they have sensitive respiratory systems. Fumes and strong smells can be unhealthy for their little bodies. Please remember that some of these chemicals are still harmful, even a few rooms away. Foods cooked in such cookware are also toxic.
Cookware that’s relatively safe:
– Aluminium
– Glass
– Stainless steel
– Classic Corningware
– Copper
– Copper-clad stainless steel
– Stainless steel (uncoated)
– Hard anodized
Please remember to still read the packaging on this cookware mentioned above to make sure that they don’t have any non-stick properties.
Always be cautious!