Air purifiers:
Why should you consider getting one; and which one do I choose?
One of the big challenges, if you have birds in your home, is dealing with the pollution they produce. In searching for ways to deal with this, you may have come across the idea of air purifiers. However, you might also have heard air purifiers are potentially dangerous for birds and this has left you wondering…
Are air purifiers safe for birds? The short answer is, yes, but not all air purifiers are safe for birds. Some air purifiers, emit ozone and are not safe. These can actually kill birds
The best is to go with HEPA filter-certified air purifiers. These are designed to specifically deal with indoor air pollution caused by pets, including birds.
If you have a pet bird in your home, I highly recommend you invest in an air purifier, especially if you have powder-down species like the African grey or cockatiel among others. You should also further consider one for your bird if you smoke.
You see, birds have highly efficient respiratory systems and inhale way more air per body weight than us. Accordingly, they are way more sensitive and vulnerable to airborne toxins in their environment than we are and you really have to ensure they have the best air quality possible.
In their natural habitat, plant life, and rain clean your bird’s air and they have ample good-quality air. However, in captivity, you expose your bird to unnatural levels of pollutants, including, cigarette smoke, traffic pollution, dust, cleaning chemicals and much more.
So make the right choice for you and your feather kids health today by investing in a air purifier.
– Ozone generators
– Ionizers
– Plasma cluster air purifiers.
*All these produce ozone or by-products of ozone
– Activated carbon HEPA air purifiers – – Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) air purifiers.
*Activated carbon HEPA purifiers are the most common type you will come across. They get rid of both odors and solid pollutants released by your bird
Some Brands to look for:
-Solenco Comefresh Air Purifier
-InspireAir 72 HEPA 13
-Taurus AP2030 Air Purifier.
-OCO Life Air Purifier
-GMC Air Purifier