A day many didn’t think would come. Many obstacles, much heartache, great expense, and every challenge imaginable later, here we are.

Cheeky Beaks Parrot Rescue is two years old.

This year has been a busy one, with more than 250 birds being helped, we’ve helped some of the sweetest (and angriest) chickens, ducks, geese, doves, pigeons, and of course parrots. That’s a lot of lucky poop! Our reach extending into more provinces, and our team growing from a dozen last year, to close on 30 this year, Cheeky Beaks not only survived but has thrived.

Thanks to our amazing supporters, followers, volunteers, and contributors, we have been able to change lives every single day, and save so many helpless birds who so desperately needed it.

Of course, for every low, there has been an equal, if not more incredible high, for every bird we find in atrocious conditions, there is a happily ever after, and an amazing life awaiting them. For every difficult situation that tests our limits, there is the kindest, and most loving adopter waiting to give their all to a bird in need.

I know I speak for our entire team when I say thank you. Thank you for your trust, your belief in us, your unwavering support, your commitment to our cause.

As we’re all aware, 2020 was not what we signed up for, and much of the year was spent searching for the “unfollow” button, and, 2021 hasn’t been much different, but we’ve made it, and countless birds are better for it. Our thanks could never be enough, but the birds living their best lives should leave your heart at peace. We have pulled off some amazing rescues, battled the naysayers, and managed to do so while keeping our heads held high and the bird’s best interests in focus.

Some of these cases include:

  • Polly, the elderly CAG with the massively overgrown beak
  • Disco, the young eclectus with the mystery illness
  • Dino, the CAG, with a massive infection and health complications as a result
  • Popcorn, my very first cockatiel encounter, who has flourished from being an ex breeder bird to now being a beloved companion
  • Pancake, the cockatiel that we nearly lost to a severe aspergillosis infection
  • Chap, the ducorps cockatoo that saved me
  • Jos, the CAG who stuck around with his foster long enough for the stars to align and him to stay forever
  • Pauli, the one-legged Patagonian conure that refuses to be kept down
  • Rosie, the alexandrine parakeet who proved that birds really do choose their people
  • Pochos, the geriatric cockatiel that refused to live another day on this earth after her lifelong best friend and owner passed away
  • Morgan the Bare Eyed cockatoo, aka Merglergl the conkatonk, founding member of the #oneleggedgang and stealer of snacks and hearts

I really could go on and on, my life alone has been changed by far too many birds to mention, and I cannot imagine not being here today, and I’m quite sure I’m not the only one on the team that feels that way. 

As we approach the last stretch of 2021, let’s take a moment to remember not only the birds we’ve lost this year, but the valued supporters and friends we’ve lost to various causes. We speak your names often, so the world will never forget your place in it.

Some of our lost feathered friends include

  • Polly, the IRN that was too sick for too long
  • Yennifer, the baby eclectus that was born too broken for a physical life
  • Asuna, the IRN, who lost a wing and then gained it back as an angel
  • Pippa, the sun conure, whose colors were too bright for our world
  • Zeppelin, the kakariki, who took his spunk and spark to higher levels
  • Shilo, the CAG, who found love before we lost her
  • Goofy, the CAG, who was just too perfect for us to keep
  • George, the IRN, who stole his adopter’s heart and then broke it by leaving
  • Farley, the CAG, who will always be missed
  • Dobby, the IRN, who stayed only a short while

While not every special soul is mentioned, they are remembered, and our love for them never fades.

There’s a quote that I’ve clung to for many years, “The best is yet to come” and I feel like in 2021, almost 2 years into this pandemic, with this virus having no rules or respect, with the economy and country teetering on the brink of collapse what feels like every other week, it’s time to share it with all of you because it’s true. We’ve already changed our world, but the best is yet to come.


Happy Birthday Cheeky Beaks.


– Abi