Indian Ringneck Invasive Species Permit:

In 2014, the Department of Environmental Affairs declared Indian Ringnecks an invasive/alien/restricted species in South Africa. Escaped pets have proven to be quite hardy and have survived in the wild, flocking together and forming large feral colonies all over the country that compete with indigenous birds for resources and territories and have been known to spread contagions such as Pscittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) amongst wild bird populations.

What are the implications of the Department’s decision to declare then an invasive species? This means that any individual who owns, breeds or transports these parrots are required by law to apply for a permit from the Department.

We aim to raise awareness about this relatively new law and assist current and future owners with applying for their permits. Due to the immense backlog of applications, however, the Department has been known to take up to 18 months to issue the documentation to successful applicants.

Cheeky Beaks requires our followers to present us with a valid permit or proof that an application for a permit has been submitted and paid for before we can consider any candidates for the adoption of Indian Ringneck Parakeets in our system. Our fosters are also required to have their permits up to date and valid in order to be able to assist with fostering and rehabilitating this special species.

More information and the permit application form can be found here:

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant department directly via email at

Alternatively, you can contact licensed South African Wildlife Rehabilitator, Bernie Young, on +27 83 758 5294 for further assistance with the permit application process.