In South Africa we have the saying “local is lekker” which refers to buying locally made goods which help our economy grow and helps support friends, families and fellow South African businesses. There are some great local suppliers of parrot goodies from around the country. Listed below are businesses which create safe products for your birds. Many of these businesses are owned by people who own rescued birds and support various parrot sanctuaries around the country as well as Cheeky Beaks Parrot Rescue.

The Parrot Shop

Run by one of our team members, The Parrot Shop is amazing! It is your one-stop parrot supply shop. They stock items from many brands (even from other small businesses listed below). Finally, you can order items from multiple stores but only pay one shipping fee. Collection in Tableview is also an option. You can shop some of our merch on the site too. 

To learn more and place an order, visit The parrot Shop’s Facebook page or website:


Sylvanas Parrot Perches

Owned by one of our directors, Sylvanas Parrot perches creates beautiful parrot play stands and perches using sekelbos, bottlebrush and wild vine natural wood. Each perch is hand crafted and the shape of the vine is unique. Courier is available for nationwide delivery. Contact 082 785 6576 to place an order.


Toys By Cockatoo Jewel

A wide variety of toys, perches and swings are for sale to keep your bird happy and healthy. A new catalogue is released each month on their Facebook page and 10% of all profits are donated to The Parrot Sanctuary ZA in Cape Town. Courier is available for nationwide delivery. Visit Toys by Cockatoo Jewel’s Facebook page, email or contact 083 549 4969 to place an order.

Maxi’s Parrot Toys

A supplier of toys of all shapes and sizes as well as parrot play stands to give your parrot a safe place to spend their time. Courier is available for nationwide delivery. Visit Maxi’s Parrot Toys on Facebook or message 082 418 0019 to place an order.

Happy Feet Parrot Toys

Toys and perches made to keep your birds’ beak busy. New catalogues are released regularly and now even include toys for other pets who enjoy chewing on wood. Courier is available for nationwide delivery. Visit the Happy Feet Animal Care Facebook page or message 078 036 3118 to place an order. You can also email


Not only does ParroTainment have a very educational Facebook page, but they sell healthy seed mixes, pellets, natural parrot teas and a variety of other healthy parrot foods and safe parrot products. Nationwide delivery is available. Parrotainment also sells “food vouchers” which donate food to Brainy Birds Parrot Sanctuary. Visit their website to view all their products. Orders can be placed by emailing

The Parrot Hotel

A supplier of very healthy parrot cooking mixes and sprouts. Incorrect parrot diet is a major issue in the parrot owner community of South Africa and the cooking mixes and sprouts sold by The Parrot Hotel are nutritious and can be fed regularly. Nationwide delivery is available. Contact 081 702 5369 to place an order.

Boredom Busters

Selling enrichment toys for multiple exotic pet species, you will find great foraging toys, play stands and other wooden toys and products for sale. Boredom Busters proudly focuses on enriching your pet’s life and their catalogue can be viewed on their website Nationwide delivery is available. Orders can be placed by sending an email to or by messaging 084 551 8679.

Wiehgert Pet Products

Producer of pet toys and products, for parrots (and other exotic pets) at affordable prices direct to the public and pet shops. They sell toys, ladders perches, foraging toys and swings. They also make special designs on request and for disabled birds. Courier to any place country wide is available. Their products can be seen on their Facebook page and orders can be placed by emailing or messaging 079 610 1321.

J’s Bird Toys

Parrots toys and play stands aimed at larger birds (toys for smaller birds are available) and foraging toys to keep your parrot mentally stimulated. The focus is on toy made of more natural materials and less plastic. Products can be seen on their Instagram page or Facebook page can be placed via their Instagram page or by messaging 082 090 7300. Nationwide courier can be arranged.


Jacobiez (previously Peculiar Parrot Toys) has such a unique range of toys and perches. These are usually easily shreddable which makes them great for small beaks as well as those who are not used to playing with toys. There are also great foraging options for you to choose from.  Jacobiez also makes an amazing seed mix, birdie bread mix, and treats. Nationwide courier is available. You can view the entire catalog on the Jacobiez Facebook page: or You can order via their Facebook page, email (, or via WhatsApp (060 721 3214).

New Leaf Parrot Collars

Owned by one of our team members, New Leaf Parrot Collars sells anti-plucking collars and jerseys. These collars and jerseys are useful for keeping plucked birds warm and create a barrier between the feathers/body of the bird and its beak to minimise the bird from any self-mutilating behaviour. Courier is available for nationwide delivery. (THEY ARE NOT CURRENTLY TAKING ORDERS)

To learn more and place an order, visit New Leaf Parrot Collar’s Facebook page or message 074 999 464.

Cheeky Beaks Parrot Rescue encourages you to provide your parrot with a wide variety of parrot toys and a healthy diet for your birds physical and mental wellbeing.